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About Me

The author was born,raised and living in Pila, Laguna, he is a BSECE and BSNursing graduate and worked as an Engineer, Nurse and a Teacher. He loves travel and spend the rest of his life in exploring the wonders of the world. He aim to set foot on every province of the Philippines as well as in other Asian country.

He started his adventure in 2009 and from then on he never stop looking for new place to visit. In 2012 he started his new adventure as climber. He found it really exciting and ejoying when he climb Mount Apo in Mindanao, It was his first mountain to climb and since then he spend his time, energy, and some of his money on the trails.

Travelbertz is a combination of Travel and my name Albert plus "z". It is a narrative and image of my experiences in traveling and climbing.


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